Need Thigh, Toe, Foot or Leg Cramp Relief? Want to stop any muscle Cramp fast? Tired of the gripping pain of a leg cramp that makes you JUMP out of bed? Or being in pain while you walk it off eating mustard and drinking pickle juice? There’s no risk in trying Leg Cramp Ease!

Formulated by 2 MIT Graduates who needed fast results…

Simply Spray Leg Cramp Ease Directly onto the Cramping

“Leg Cramp Ease” is an All Natural, unscented, Holistic, “Shake & Spray On”, Water based, trace mineral. muscle massage solution. Our customers have told us it is great for Foot and Leg Cramp Relief and is Great for Cycling trips, Biking, Hiking. Camping or any time around the house when ever a cramp strikes. (PULL OVER to Spray. …Do not use this or any spray while operating a bike or any motor vehicle.)

Leg Cramp Ease is NOT effective for Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) so Please Do Not purchase it for (RLS). “RLS” is different than painful Leg Cramps. We wish it worked for RLS; it does NOT.

EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Not for face or personal lubricant. Wince with water if stinging. Risk FREE. Over 200 Sprays Only $18 (+ Shipping) Lasts 6 months depending on usage. If you don’t need muscle cramp relief or know a friend or family member who does, it makes a unique gift.

$18.00 + shipping