Don’t be Confused: 5 fun labels, SAME serious spray.

“LEG CRAMP EASE” “Charlie Horse Relief” “Lame Dog Limping Lube” “Lobster Lifespan” and “GrampysCrampys” ®

“Depending on Usage, Each Bottle Typically Lasts 3-6 Months”

Topical Spray On, Leg Cramp Relief. Need quick relief from Inner Thigh Cramps, Toe Cramps or Leg Cramp Relief when they strike?  Want to stop muscle cramps in 17 seconds to under a minute? Tired of jumping out of bed and struggling to walk off a foot or thigh cramp in the middle of the night? No one likes the taste of old wives remedies like mustard, garlic or pickle juice in the middle of the night.  Well, why not simply spray the cramping area with naturally sourced trace minerals and electrolytes to get relief fast? There’s no risk in trying GrampysCrampys. Formulated by two MIT Graduates for a mom who needed real, fast, and reliable results..

Thousands of Satisfied Customers Simply Spray GrampysCrampys Directly onto the Cramping Muscle.


“GrampysCrampys” is an All Natural, Unscented, Holistic, “Shake & Spray On” No Anesthetics, Synthetics or Petro Chemicals are used. Water based, trace mineral & electrolyte, muscle massage solution. Our customers have told us it is great for Foot and Leg Cramp Relief. Bring it along on Cycling Trips, Biking, Hiking. Camping or any time around the house when ever a cramp strikes.

GrampysCrampys does not seem effective for Osteoarthritis or Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) so Please Do Not purchase it for that. “RLS” is uncomfortable and different than painful Leg Cramps. We wish it did work for those customers with RLS; but we’re just not getting enough positive results. However, we do get lots of positive feedback for stiff necks and hands as well cramps.


“Depending on Usage, Each 200(+) squirt Bottle Typically Lasts 3-6 Months” Try starting with 3 – 7 squirts directly on a foot, leg, neck, back or hand muscle cramp. It is proven NOT to help “RLS” (Restless Leg Syndrome). We wish it helped everything, but that is different.

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EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Not for face or personal lubricant. Rinse with clean water if stinging occurs. Risk FREE. Over 200 Sprays Only $18   If you, yourself, do not need muscle cramp relief you may know a friend or family member who does. It makes a unique gift that can be life changing for someone waking every night with muscle cramps.
Eagle Spirit Health makes no medical claims. Information is for educational purposes only.  Consult your Medical Doctor if you are or may be pregnant.