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July 17th 2015

I spray my major muscle groups before or after showers and not only do I not ever get muscle cramps any more, it helps my sore back muscles when I work standing all day.

– David

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June,10/ 2014


Dear Eagle Spirit Health,

I am using your product “Lame Dog Limping Lube”, with excellent results, when having a bad leg cramp. The result is amazing; as I spray the area of the cramp, rub it in a few times and the cramp disappears. I carry the spray bottle when mowing my lawn, as I usually get a cramp in the lower back of my leg from using the clutch / break on the tractor. Many thanks for providing such a remarkable product.

– Robert M.

Technically, you may not even need to rub it in.   – ESH

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Sept. 2nd 2015


 Bill is an active farmer in Maine benefiting from Leg Cramp Ease

July 2nd 2015

“Keep Leg Cramp Ease™ by your bedside. First sign of leg or foot cramp, spritz a couple times and the cramp will relax. Absolutely the best I have tried. I recommend it  to all my friends” …Thank you Eagle Spirit Health™

– Helen T

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May 10 / 2014

I was sitting in my lounger reading. I started to get up a got a very painful cramp from my knee to my  foot. “Ouch!” My wife asked “What do you want to do? I said I don’t know! She asked “Should I get the “Leg Cramp Ease”? And I said YES! …The pain stopped in a few seconds. She has used Leg Cramp Ease with great success for quite some time. Now I keep a bottle by my lounge chair just in case. Thank you for providing a product that works so well.

– Jim from the Maine Lakes Region

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04/11/2014 5:04 pm

I’m a retired Pharmaceutical Rep. I tried the Charlie Horse Relief and was absolutely astonished at how quick it worked and actually haven’t had to use it again for a long time, but I certainly will when necessary!!

– Peter W.

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