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Clients before you chose to work with Eagle Spirit Health Coaching above or in combination with any of the multitude of free mechanical health metrics tracking options, self driven research or passing trends

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If you’re frustrated and looking for Nutrition, Fitness with the synergy of Life Coaching support you’ll find ESH deep research, due diligence with a breadth ranging basics into esoteric, results based alternatives delivered in bite sized modules is doable by the determined

Together we’ll delve into discovering your “Why?” and relevant  healthstyle choices even addressing trauma(s) if necessary for changes to the very core of HealthStyle needs AND most importantly change is introduced at your “Do- able”pace

to work together for nutrition and fitness?

It probably started with a great grandfather MIT grad who became the lead chemist for the American Sugar Company, his son, my grandfather, who beat cancer of the bone marrow and was an early adopter of organic gardening directly informing decades of my independent research into what might be called

Targeted Integrative Physical Strength Fitness Of Reenforcing Molecularly Uplifted Spirits™



This is a unique approach as a coach where its repeatedly found that the hippy scientists where correct about many things so the niche of folks struggling with metabolic syndrome seeking preventative dietary refinement plus are proactive about functional body maintenance building and preservation who are not necessarily dependent on a gym and those seeking to escape the outdated false corporate food pyramid and the S.A.D. diet both created by
nutritional modalities such as intermittent fasting, Healthy Clean Keto, going chlorine free and ending single use containers, Photobiomodulation, Brainwave Fitness, EFT or Tapping for trauma related addictions and blocks and cellular voltage and reforesting the bio-une arenas, and having participated in protein assimilation research, teaching Grad and undergrad levels while earning a masters at MIT the independent research focus was on what is natural

It seems like magic

Science is MAGIC Until We Understand it™
– David
Don’t try these at home alone testimonies

A few examples of client successes who were also under varying degrees of their MDs supervision

Arthur weened himself from 29 out of 30 (prescription) pills a day  Yes you read that right he is now OFF of TWENTY NINE PER DAY primarily by consuming enhanced hydration containing H2 antioxidants Learn more about it signing up for TIFOMISS coaching BELOW

Carrol lost 78 lbs by INCREASING dietary fat because we can’t loose weight on a low fat or low quality fat diet then she normalized her blood pressure by consuming more salt (Yes, the type of salt matters and you can Learn more about it by signing up for TIPSFORMUS coaching BELOW

Jim recovered his red blood count  in 3 weeks by adding the right greens to his diet after giving up 3 years of prescribed iron pills and you can listen to how he reduced his blood pressure by adding Salt THE RIGHT KIND OF SALT and with the right technique

Jay was in one of the call in support groups who has lost over 40 by becoming more healthy NOT from dieting or exersize gets more and eating less as the advice so often goes

Mark just couldn’t bring himself to stand in front of the sink and hand wash the dishes This problem was solved in just a single two minute  session and it was even accomplished over the phone



Learn more about it by signing up for coaching BELOW

 a little about my Coaching History

The history of this journey probably begins with a great grandfather an MIT grad who became the lead chemist for the American Sugar Company then was continued by his son my grandfather and who beat cancer of the bone marrow. He was an early adopter of organic gardening and his teachings informed decades of my independent research adventure

After being accustomed to stellar health where at my peak I was lifting 10,000 pounds in 3 and a half hours 3 times a week the deepest knowledge came from and continues today after being T-Boned in a near death car crash

I didn’t choose it to happen and as Radical as it may sound I choose to say


and was followed by subsequent years researching how to put myself back together with varying degrees of success gained from numerous individual self tests which of course rant clinical trials and sometimes synergistic modalities ones that couldn’t hurt to try I began with studying HBOT 3 hours a day for 2 years Ask me about Hyperbarics in a glass

After helping others achieve results in an intermittent fasting support group I run along with a number of randomly encountered acquaintances suggesting that I create a heath blog or educational videos suggesting they  couldn’t possibly retain even a part of what was shared because I care so it seemed time to go Pro

FEMA recommends the Span of Control is 8 people or Resources so while knowing I can always allow more members in with the advent of my irresistible launch here each wave of TIFOMIPSS will only be open to 8, divided into 6 sincere clients and 2 associate Professional coaching peers coaches on a first come first serve basis AND only after a good fit is determined in our initial interview contingent upon agreement and payment of fees

To apply send over your contact info and best time(s) to reach you and we’ll get cracking… there will not be any “whip cracking” though, so you really need to have your WHY READY and more than a modicum of internal motivation

TIFOMIPSS coaching offered is not easy, but the results are seen soon enough that folks stay on board, however usually after quitting, then figuring out this IS the path for them. It’s not bootcamp style and changes are actually as gentle as possible to make as much progress stick…slowly (because that the safest and will become the most engrained.

1 out of 4 interested have come on board and of whom will usually have great testimonies like the ones above here endorsing the strength of TIFOMIPSS
The first offer was a sliding scale for a few clients letting them suggest what they thought was financially manageable within reason

It is acknowledged that some portion of their budget will go to quality daily nutrients added along the way
A number of people in the intermittent fasting support group I run have normalized their blood pressures by ADDING more salt AT THE SAME TIME gave up (bleached) table salt completely. (Yes, you read that right). Are you avoiding salt and yet attracted to it? …PM me.
One lady in the UK was inspired by a social media EFT offer, I made to Russell Brand.
The number of calls coming up are 4, with 2 that are “retrys”. One is with a sincere lady that I’ve been assisting for close to a year and is becoming a good example of change. As she overcomes adrenal fatigue, partly by ratcheting down her “over exercising exertion” and works with TIFOMIPSS, which is individualized, she will show an impressive “Before and After” example.

“I think David is a good person to consult with if a person is struggling with blood sugar levels and his EFT coaching works great to permanently overcome fears and other issues which helped to easily unlinked emotional overeating. He works holistically with life’s stresses which causes contributes to cortisol and triggering fat storage. With his support I did my first fast over 24 hours and include intermittent fasting into my daily routine.

As far as my introduction to isometrics with him in the gym, you might want to be in good shape first. Its to soon to see the toning effect and increased strength from focusing on burning the muscles but I can see it’s how Arnold achieved the Mr Universe title. David breaks down isometric resistance training into doable sets. Its not aerobic which is more my thing.

David’s gentle guidance in the gym and at the table helps to curb cravings with specific nutrients and the Yoga of realization is a big part of what makes him a very good coach as he helps a person exert their body safely to reach their transformational goals without overwhelming teaching resistance training mostly with your own body weight a good coach and gentle guidance towards strength
Pain vs burning sensation changing muscle groups on different I was surprised at how much how much resting between sets
At first I was overwhelmed, because usually when I was skeptical of alternate concepts he would share scientific papers to support his points. Once I honestly told him that I was not interested in reading that much material he made adjustments to my pace of learning. If you are skeptical he has the literature to back up the “tweaks” to adjusting fitness plans.

I think I really needed help with the mat work in a way that would not be unsafe or cause damage. The more you do the more you can do and I did a lot more than I thought I could probably because more r
If I had a pain he was patient, accommodating if I experienced a pain in my side resting was in corporates after each set than I was used to.
Many little doable changes can produce considerable results. I dislike green tea and he helped me determined that peppermint-green tea was acceptable and has the benefit of reducing candida, but I just haven’t tried having it most of the day to help maintain my energy.”        – Jay


Life saving


Soft Killing?

Some of the Best Researchers consider Table Salt to be indirectly detrimental even Poisonous
Most Professionals Suggest LESS salt but is there more to it?

Heres just one example of attaining Reduced Blood Pressure at age 87 by simply adding Salt and you guest it The Type of Salt matters and may be a Life and Death issue

What did he say at the end?

At the end of the testimony Jim mentioned his hearing improving

Is that a Holistic benefit or an unrelated anecdotal fluke? Well, what the research says is

The last point Jim made in the interview here was a surprise to me and I almost dismissed it yet upon further research there seems to be a legitimate correlation so to paraphrase an official blurb 

Hypertension can result in reduced or lost hearing if an individual has high blood pressure. The studies have shown that those who have increased blood pressure may suffer from a greater rate of hearing loss and if their blood pressure stays too high for too long it can result in damage that is irreparable. Luckily for a person who has high blood pressure for only a short time, lost hearing may return once blood pressure is lowered. It is important then to ameliorate this little known high blood pressure cause of hearing loss instead of resorting to hearing aids on someone letting the damage continue. 

We might heed this correlation when 

The American Heart Association suggested that sudden hearing loss and hypertension. Researchers found that there is a clear correlation between sudden change in hearing and blood pressure is a warning that a person with sudden severe hearing loss is 150 percent more likely suffer with a stroke within two years of the loss in hearing.





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